A lot of users who start using their 1st hosting account, or switch companies, often have queries with regards to how specific tasks are carried out or bump into predicaments when setting up different things such as emails, site settings, etc. This is the reason why, a lot of providers have prepared documentation with frequently asked questions and issues in order to help their customers receive info quickly and easily. As a result, the technical support team members can concentrate on real problems that certain clients may be facing, as the solution for the smaller things will already be available on the Internet and clients will be able to easily tackle them without touching base with the client service team. Having elaborate documentation is essential, particularly for new users with no previous experience, because the web hosting service entails a ton of features and many people can get bewildered about what action to take. A good information repository can both help you execute the tasks that you want and learn how the web hosting service functions in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Hosting

If you order a cloud hosting account from us, you will receive access to our exhaustive online documentation where you will see information on virtually everything connected with our web hosting services. The topics cover anything from how to set up an e-mail address on your handheld device, to how to do different things using an .htaccess configuration file. The articles themselves are written in a simple-to-understand fashion and feature comprehensive manuals on how to accomplish a particular task inside your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can also find information that is not directly connected with Hepsia, for example one that concerns Internet applications on your computer. The entire list of articles will be available in the Control Panel’s Help section, but the ones that are dedicated to a certain Control Panel section can be accessed on the spot. Since we’ve covered as many topics as possible, you’ll be able to become aware of de facto everything associated with your account.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Help section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included in our Linux semi-dedicated plans, will permit you to access the in-depth online help documentation that we have prepared for you. The articles feature general information on our hosting services, informative tutorials about the separate features that you can make use of, along with troubleshooting instructions that can help you recover common issues that you might encounter. The topics that we’ve included encompass practically everything, from simple things such as how to host a new domain name in your account, to more elaborate ones such as which SSH commands can be executed on the servers. Relevant articles about the features of a particular Control Panel section will always be available on the right side of the page that you’re on, whilst the full article collection can be accessed through the all-inclusive Help section.